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history And Vision

Salt City Harvest Farm serves as bridge for New Americans as they adjust to their new surroundings, language, and culture. Salt City Harvest farm provides weekly transportation and land on which New Americans grow and harvest food for themselves, their families, and community. The cultivation of culturally-appropriate foods helps New Americans maintain their cultural identity and heritage in an unfamiliar environment. New Americans share farming knowledge while forming cross-cultural friendships, practicing language skills, and collaboratively working the land.

Our Roots

Salt City Harvest Farm is a project that links Northside Community members with land that can help sustain them. It started when the Letcher family of Manlius donated 36 acres of farmland along Fyler Road in Kirkville, to be used by people served at the food pantry at the Franciscan Church of the Assumption, 812 N. Salina St. The idea is that families would be able to help work the land, growing vegetables and other produce. They plant, weed, water -- and then take home some of the harvest.

This mission evolved when members of the Syracuse Northside community started to volunteer at the farm. Refugees new to the country often find it hard to acquire fresh produce specific to their home countries. The Letcher family and organizers saw this as an opportunity to assist a community that would otherwise be overlooked.

Salt City Harvest Farm is proud to be running a community farm, incubator farm, apple orchard and vineyard. Community members and volunteers help out within all parts of this ecosystem which provides a wide range of agricultural skills specific to the Northeast United States.

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