We're Building a pavilion

And we need your help!

We've been busy building a pavilion for farmers to safely wash and store their produce. The pavilion will serve as a focal point for individuals to gather, learn, and share. The pavilion also provides the opportunity to rest and get out of the summer sun.


With generous support from the Chobani Community Impact Fund and Syracuse University we have been able to get the framing done, solar panels installed, and our cold storage room built. We still need to raise additional capital to help us connect the solar panels to the grid and buy necessary equipment to complete the wash shed (tables, sinks, whiteboards, etc.).

Please consider making a donation towards helping us complete the build on this project. The $15,000 raised during this campaign will help us acquire electricity for the farm, allowing us to operate a walk-in cooler, provide lighting, and charge tools. With this necessary piece of infrastructure we will be able to increase our capacity of storing and marketing produce for the community!

2021.01.19 Southeast Render.jpg
2021.01.19 Head On Render.jpg