Deaf New Americans on the farm!

Updated: Aug 6, 2018

Welcoming a new group of Northside Community individuals to the farm.

We have now found the best way to integrate Deaf New Americans into the farm (there are around 50 deaf refugees in Syracuse). A Deaf Bhutanese New American, Monu Chhetri, interprets from Nepali sign language—and sign from other countries as well as informal sign—to American Sign Language (ASL). A hearing interpreter translates from ASL to spoken English. And so the conversation flows through a zig-zag of interpreters.

Now that the Deaf farmers are fully integrated into the rhythms and practices of farm work. Farm Staff interact directly with the Deaf farmers or through Monu or her husband Jay Regmi, who facilitate communication. Come on Monday afternoons to see how this works!


449 Fyler Rd.

Kirkville, NY 13082