Graham:A message from our new farm manager

Graham has been working on farms and with farmers since his early years. He started out milking cows in a neighbor’s dairy and harvesting veggies for a CSA in town. After college, he volunteered on farms in Italy and then moved to Tanzania. Throughout, his conversations with farmers helped him to realize that he needed to know more about how our local and global food systems work. He subsequently completed Masters Degrees in Agricultural and Resource Economics, and International Agricultural Development, at UC Davis. While at Davis, he helped manage the UC Davis student farm, and he began working on research projects with farmers in Eastern Africa. After graduation, Graham worked for Texas A&M University as an agricultural researcher, and he moved to the Democratic Republic of Congo to work with cocoa and coffee farmers.

At the Salt City Harvest Farm he enjoys working alongside the New Americans to grow crops that are familiar to them and crops that are new, all the while sharing small lessons with each other about language, cultural history, and our respective farming knowledge and practice.


449 Fyler Rd.

Kirkville, NY 13082