Farm Produce

We are proud to specialize in culturally-ethnic crops that our community members grew up with. Many of the ingredients New Americans are used to are hard to come by in Upstate NY. Those that are available are often shipped from NYC and even abroad. By making this specific produce available we are able to provide healthy wholesome ingredients!


The farm orchard hosts 10 different varieties of apples.


With support from Owera Vinerards [Cazenovia, NY] our farm now grows an acre of Frontenac Gris.


incubator farm

Community members in their second year of working with RISE programming are given 1/8th acre to apply what they’ve learned in class.

Farm CSA

Our CSA features crops produced on the farm with a focus on ethnic varieties.

Market stands

An important part of training New Americans is with marketing, selling, and communications. Brady Faith Farms and RISE have been instrumental in coordinating shadowing events with New Americans and those who have market training.


449 Fyler Rd.

Kirkville, NY 13082